Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Circles III : Gaia


An update of my Circles 2.1 pack, expanding it to 120 icons. It is now also available in 8 different colour schemes drawn from the Gaia09 project.

As a digital musician, there is a slight focus on music software, but there are nearly 90 other icons for all major operating systems.

Cartoon fox for Firefox icon by ~Bucinhas.
Sample background image by =lassekongo83.

The full list of icons:

Acrobat - After Effects - Air - Bridge - Contribute - Corel - Design - Dreamweaver 1 - Dreamweaver 2 - Encore - Fireworks - Flash - Gimp - Illustrator - ImageReady - InDesign - Inkscape - OnLocation - Photoshop 1 - Photoshop 2 - Picasa - Premiere - Soundbooth

Ableton Live - Audacity - Cubase - Foobar - FruityLoops - Garage Band - iPod - iTunes - Logic - ProTools - Real - Reason - Record - Recycle - Renoise - Sonar - Songbird - Sony SoundForge - Spotify - Torq - Traktor - VLC - Wavelab - WinAmp - Windows Media Player - Zen - Zune

Access - Excel - Office - OneNote - Open Office - Outlook - Planon - PowerPoint - Project - Publisher - Word

Apple - Clock - Computer - Configure - Drive C - Drive D - Drive E - Drive F - Drive Z - DVD/CD Drive - Files - Games - Gnome - Mail - Movies - Music 1 - Music 2 - Photos - Recycle Bin (empty) - Recycle Bin (full) - Restart - Sleep - Start - Tools - Ubuntu - Windows

CCleaner - CD Burner XP - DVD Shrink - Xplorer2 - FileZilla - Nero - Notepad - ObjectDock - QuickTime - RocketDock

Browsers - Chrome - Digsby - Facebook - Firefox - Firefox 2 - Instant Messaging - Internet Explorer - Limewire - Opera - Pidgin - RSS - Safari - Skype - Thunderbird - TweetDeck - Twhirl - Twitter - Twitter 2 - uTorrent

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Making Windows look like MacOS

One key difference between Windows and MacOS systems is the font-smothing technique used by the different operating systems. Personally, I much prefer the look of fonts on MacOS systems with the smoother lines (though Microsoft's Clear Type is arguably better on 8pt and below fonts).

A handy little plugin for Windows called GDI++ makes Windows render it's fonts with the smooth lines of MacOS. Download it, unzip it, double click on GDItray.exe and you're off!

It will take some time to get used to it (a couple of hours), but once you are used to it, you will never switch it off.


Circles 2

I've created a series of seventy one icons for your RocketDock / ObjectDock customisations. The icons come in 256 x 256 pixel PNG format. Enjoy and share!


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Cheeseboard

Inspired by Per's outstanding mash-up album, I gone and done made a mix of some easy listening / exotica / cheese for you lovely peeps.

01. Ken Nordine - Yellow
02. Jerry Van Rooyen - Sax Hunt
03. Les Baxter - Sabre Dance
04. Herman Gehlen - Exposition K'71
05. Hot Butter - Skokiaan
06. Link Wray - Jack The Ripper
07. Yma Sumac - The Five Bottle Mambo
08. Celia - Fantasma-A-Go-Go
09. Mandingo - Black Rite
10. Gil Trythall - Folsom Prison Blues
11. Andre Popp - Java
12. Slava Kunst Orkestra - Lucifer In Coelis
13. The Uknown Cambodian Funk Yodeller
14. Ted Heath & His Orchestra - St.Louis Blues
15. Max Meier-Maletz - Swinging Nordwest
16. Ted Heath & His Orchestra - Get Back


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Down Time

As some of you may have noticed, the Fwonk* website seems to be inaccessible. Last week, the website was subject to a DoS attack and the site temporarily went down.

The hosting company, SiteGround restored the website and moved the information from one machine to another. No DNS or IP information was altered during this move.

The website remains active for many, especially those accessing from home, but for whatever reason, the website remains inaccessible for many trying to access from work. Yet the site will work via a Proxy site, but not via a "porn-mode" window in Chrome.

However, and much to my surprise, the main site is partly accessible through IE8 privacy mode, and I aim to refresh much of the HTML to see if it accessible in other browsers.

I have no idea why this might account for any errors, but if anyone has any further suggestions for helping with this issue, please comment here and let me know!

Many thanks!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Fwonk* T-Shirts

There's now a range of t-shirts available with some unique Fwonk* designs - including some unique guitar effects pedals.

Check out the range here.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

New Fwonk* Design

Okay, so I know I create a new flipping design for Fwonk* every 6 minutes... but this one is here to stay for some time. The horizontal scrolling thing was way too uneven and seemed to depend on viewing it on an enormous resolution. I created a new design to replace that mistake, and this is just a tweak on that design (now with a brick wall background and more info on the title page).

I expect there to be a flurry of releases on Fwonk* in the next week or two - we have music from Smoke & Mirrors, Echosonic and myself as Heskin Radiophonic.